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We're with Bublup!

In an innovative partnership, the George Henry White Center is excited to announce its partnership with Bublup – a versatile app that's more than just a digital organizer. By signing up for Bublup, you're not only optimizing your digital life but also contributing to the Center's impactful programs.

What is Bublup? Imagine a single platform where you can seamlessly store photos, files, links to webpages, and other research materials. Whether you're on your mobile device or a computer, or even sometimes offline, Bublup keeps your data private yet accessible for when you need it.

Marti Spaulding, who introduced Bublup to the Center (thanks!), shares, "It's incredibly fast. You can organize every aspect of your life in one place, and it only takes a few seconds."

A Tool for Everyone: Bublup's versatility shines in educational and professional settings. "It's an excellent tool for classes and work committees," explains Marti. "You can easily share articles, links, assign tasks, and receive submissions."

Vince Spaulding, the project leader at the Center, highlights Bublup's alignment with their mission: "The GHW Center is dedicated to empowering people through knowledge and resources. Bublup is an ideal platform for instructors to distribute lessons, for visitors to explore center's activities, local history, and for community members to share news."

Join and Give Back: When you sign up for one of Bublup's paid memberships through our special link, 20% of your subscription fee goes directly to the Center. This partnership enables you to enjoy the full spectrum of Bublup's features while supporting community development.

"Bublup has revolutionized how I organize my life," says Marti. "It's indispensable for business, education, or event planning. I've experienced a new level of freedom and efficiency, and I'm excited for others to discover the same."

Discover Bublup: Ready to simplify your digital world and support a great cause? Click here to learn more about Bublup and help the center!

To find out more about Bublup, check the link below!

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