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Our Partners

Because this is a grassroots initiative, the project has grown through innovative partnerships with businesses, nonprofits and individuals. From the neighbors who landscape the property, to the contractors that have arrived from far away to lend their skills, to the businesses that have donated goods and services—this project has grown without any public funding or grants. We are honored by the generosity and hard work of these heroes, a few of whom you can see here:

The Center is proud to count numerous businesses and nonprofit agencies as founding partners in the re-building and development of the project.  Without such outstanding leaders, this grassroots effort could not have been completed.  In the same way, the GHWMHEC welcomes community partners, whether educational, historical, health, or workforce development. The center can be a delivery point for your services to the people of  Bladen and Columbus counties.


Financial grant,

tech support services

Gerald Collins, Contractor

Bathroom installation, handicap-ready facilities, flooring, roof repair


Communications, publicity, video support


Building materials,

skilled volunteer labor


Building materials for waterproofing, roofing


Security cameras, computer, 32-inch monitor, keypad, remote access

Christian team built Handicap Access Ramp, replaced front porch, built safety features

Bay Leaf Builders


Website development,

tech support


Concerned Citizens
of Whitesboro, NJ


Project leadership


Benjamin & Edith

Spaulding Descendants

Donate TV, tables

Instructors and curriculum

Electrical work

Retired Air Traffic Controller,

hardware installation in

Baths, Kitchens and

worked on Handicap ramp

and front porch projects

Elvis Matthews

Tom Adams



trane tech sign.jpg

Donated 5 ton and 3 ton HVAC units 

Community volunteers for landscaping, hospitality, events


Instruction and Curriculum for Certificate course

Screenshot 2021-04-24 090826.jpg

Providing installation

and fabrication of materials for HVAC

Cisco Networking Academy

Home Team

Trane Technologies

Pridgen Brothers Contractors

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