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Computers donated by Johns Hopkins University. Software funded through a grant from International Paper Foundation and a grant from Microsoft. (See our Partners here)

Computer skills

Learn computer skills with a seasoned instructor, Ms. Mary Baldwin.  You'll understand how to work in Word, Excel, Powerpoint and other programs. Communicate your ideas, calculate and create numerical reports, or make powerful presentations. Simple, clear instruction will help you master the skills and to apply this to your work, your home, and everything you do!

Classes take place Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11 a.m. for one hour.  Computers, software and printers are on-site, so students do not need to bring or purchase their own equipment for the class.  Classes are Free.  

Land management and income

Learn ways you can use your property to improve your financial circumstances.  Some examples:

What is a Forestry Stewardship Plan?

Do you have a Farm Conservation Plan? NRCS

Is Your Farm/Garden Soil Healthy? USDA

Be Prepared for Your for Retirement

Money Grows on Tree/Tree Farm/ NC Forestry Service

New Farm Bill/Farm Service Agency

Ms. Wanda Campbell Clay will coordinate these classes. 

Networking Essentials

Ramp up your career with computer networking skills.  IT professional and US Army Reserve Captain Keith Jacobs leads the course.  

This course introduces students to networking and security concepts, including networking terminology, protocols, local and wide area networks, and network standards. Emphasis is placed on securing information systems and identifying security threats. Upon completion, students should be able to perform basic tasks related to networking,  security, networking mathematics, terminology, media, and protocols.


  • First 8 Weeks will cover networking

  • Second 8 Weeks will we cover Security


Learn healthy meal-preparation and new ways to keep fit and fabulous!

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