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Business Mindset Training

We are excited to announce that a long-desired training in entrepreneurship will be made available at the George Henry White Center, with the support of NC IDEA, and in partnership with Bladen Community College's Small Business Center.

This is a very exciting course, based on the book "Who Owns the Ice House?" by the highly-regarded author Clifton Taulbert and co-author Gary Schoeniger, about his Uncle Cleve who built success despite the obstacles of being a black man in a poor area of Mississippi during segregation.

The training will take place over 10 sessions, with a lunch/discussion segment, every Wednesday from 11 to 1, beginning June 5 (but not on June 19) until August 14. It will be taught by Brad Johnson, director of the Small Business Center of Bladen Community College.

"Bladen and Columbus counties are 100th and 97th in the state in economy, health and education," remarked Vince Spaulding, project leader for the GHW Center. "This course can help local people determine what their assets are, how to turn those assets into a successful business."

"The Ice House Entrepreneurship Program enables learners to identify opportunities and turn ideas into successful businesses," Brad Johnson explains. "It helps them recognize limiting beliefs, and to develop a new mindset. It involves real-world examples that people of any background can relate to."

"The Center has already been hosting classes on business skills, such as electrical work, computer basics, computer networking and cybersecurity, and land management," explains Vince. "This class will help folks take all their skills and turn them into a business, or a nonprofit, or whatever their dream is."

"The seed grant from NC IDEA enables us to provide the books, workbooks and other learning materials to each participant, and to include lunch in the sessions. We want to find highly motivated individuals who will take full advantage of the opportunity, and who will use this as a launching pad to build their idea into a thriving business."

The class is limited to 15 participants for this initial course. "This is not for everyone--for those who are just sitting around or uninspired--it's for those who have a fire in their bellies, and want to build something they can be proud of." Vince adds, "We're requiring a "completion fee" up front, to ensure that they have some skin in the game. If you want to participate--if you have a strong desire to build something new--this will give you the skills to make it happen."

To register for the class, go to the website for the GHW Center, and click on "Classes."  A $50 fee is required for all participants; if the course is completed, that fee will be refunded.

Or call the center, 901-445-0269, to register by phone. Classes begin June 5 and extend to August 14. For questions about this or any other class at the center, please contact Ocie Jones, project superintendent. For the full schedule, check the "Calendar" page.

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