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Thank-full Meals on Wheels

Seven local churches joined with the Community Watch program to bring delicious, cooked meals to some 100 local residents on Thursday, November 10, at the George Henry White Memorial Health and Education Center.

Each church prepared one element of the meal: dressing, cranberry sauce, green beans, yams, rolls and cakes.

These turkey was cooked by Mr. Buddy Tomlin and the sides were cooked at each different church and then brought to the center, where volunteers then assembled the meat and side dishes, and drivers then delivered them to the various recipients throughout the Bladen and Columbus area.

"We started out with a Thanksgiving-type meal, since our first month of doing this was in November," said Ocie Jones, superintendent of the GHW Center and president of the Community Watch program. "We delivered about a hundred meals, which included folks from each of the churches that have joined together to provide food for the project."

The seven churches that collaborated on the project are Pleasant Plain Baptist Church, Rehobeth AME Zion Church, Christian Plain AME Zion Church, St. James Baptist Church, Welches Creek Baptist Church, Love Grove Baptist Church, Shady Grove Baptist Church, Union Baptist Church.

"From the first, our vision for the George Henry White Center included food projects like this one," remarked Vince Spaulding, project leader. "Thanks to Ocie and Carol Caldwell and all the active congregations in the area, we are able to become a point of assembly and delivery for many neighbors to receive a warm meal, prepared with care, and delivered to their door."

Thanks to all the volunteers from the churches and the Community Watch who are contributing to make this happen. You are the Salt and the Light!

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