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Reaching those in greatest need

A new program for those with learning issues, mental health issues or emotional disorders is now taking place through the George Henry White Center.

Residents of Bladen County over the age of six can receive support and resources to help

them live their best life.

In conjunction with the Centre for Homeownership and Economic Development Center (CHOEDC), the Center has begun a three-stage program to identify, assess and support persons in need of services.

This will consist of reaching out and inviting candidates to join the program, followed by evaluating the needs and best types of support. Participants will then receive one-on-one help from a dedicated Peer Support specialist, tailored to their unique goals.

The help can range from therapy to nutritional assistance, help with housing issues, or learning how to navigate daily needs to progress towards one's goals.

This is a patient-centered program, to enable each person to achieve the specific skills that are important to them.

The George Henry White Center has been selected as a hub for the Bladen County outreach. Staff and programs will take place from this location.

Dr. Milton Campbell of Duke University, a key figure in the establishment of the Center, is helping coordinate the outreach and services team.

"Rural counties sometimes lag behind those with urban centers in getting services to the people. In the area of mental health--including learning disabilities, social and emotional challenges, and aging-related issues--the need is great. We're happy to help people access a whole-life supportive program, in a warm and welcoming environment." Dr. Campbell, who grew up in the area, is author of a number of books about the demography, history and geneology influences in the area.

Experienced staff are now preparing for the three stages of the program. If you or someone you know would like to enroll, you can call 877-793-6877, or you can contact the George Henry White Center directly: 910-241-4718. For more information about the program, click below.

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