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Fine Food and Fitness is Fun!

An exciting pilot program is beginning at the George Henry White Center, merging the healing benefits of healthy food preparation with the life-enhancing element of fitness activity.

The first session will be taught by Cooperative Extension agent Meleah Collier today, Thursday, March 23 from 12:30 to 2:30. The schedule for all sessions will be shared at that first event.

The Fine Food and Fitness program was initiated by Project Programming Coordinator Carol Caldwell. With the help of a partial grant from International Paper Foundation, the program will be held in 10-week rotations, with a weekly demonstration of healthy meal preparation and three weekly sessions of fun fitness activity.

Meleah Collier is Family and Consumer Sciences, Extension Agent with NC Cooperative Extension-Columbus County, which is a partner in the project, and will lead the meal preparation demonstrations and hands-on experience of healthy cooking techniques. Later sessions will focus on the Mediterranean diet which provides delicious and heart-healthy dishes to delight the palette and improve health.

The fitness sessions are for participants of any circumstances, age or ability level. The instruction will be by video; activities will involve a wide range of fitness activity. Exercise videos will be on hand for arthritis, prenatal, male strength building, yoga, stretching, walking, dance and chair-based movement, among other health goals.

"Recent scientific studies show that small lifestyle changes can improve the quality and length of life," said Ms. Caldwell. "Good food and good fun can help us gain good health."

Each 10-week class can only accept 12 participants for the meal preparation classes, and 20 participants for the activity sessions. To register, call 910-445-0269. The classes are free. Dress in comfortable clothes and shoes to enable the physical activity.

"Each person who participates in this program can become a health ambassador to others," remarked Carol Caldwell. "We want the GHW Center to help people gain better health in a very enjoyable way."

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