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Windows on the World

The aging single-pane windows throughout the George Henry White Memorial Health and Education Center have been replaced with new, energy-saving custom windows, thanks to support from a wide range of partners.

Individuals donated to replace windows in tribute to loved ones. The Z. Reynolds Foundation helped with a grant to cover fabrication and labor costs. Lowe's of Whiteville arranged the manufacture of the windows and helped cover the additional costs of installation.

"We have long needed to change these windows, which are nearly a hundred years old," explained project leader Vince Spaulding. "There were a lot of issues, including the existing security bars outside, the unique size of the windows, and the age of the building."

"Once again, Lowe's helped us find solutions at every turn. Manager Zach Haines arranged contractors to do the measurement and fabrication. They helped us deal with the costs and the schedule. Finally, they arranged a team of installers to put in 32 windows in one day, without removing the exterior security bars with another day to caulk and seal the windows and police the area."

The installation team were amazing. Mr. N.A. Hunt, window installer team company owner, and the foreman William "Patches" Chavis

worked side by side with Kelly Hunt, Stephen Hammonds, Zack Oxendine and James Hunt, on both stories of the building, adding sheet metal flashing to protect the exterior as they went.

"These windows do more than save energy costs," remarked Ocie Jones, superintendent. "They are easy to clean, to open and shut, can be removed and replaced far easier than the original ones."

"The historic architectural style was preserved as the window manufacturer produced ones in the same style as the originals. We want to honor the rural and familial history of the building, and we appreciate the company's attention to these details," explained Vince.

BESDF president, Milton Campbell, and his sister, Wanda Campbell Clay, are the donors of the property, and helped gain much of the funding for the windows replacement.

"Once again, this was a distant dream, something we hoped for but didn't know how it would happen," remarked Vince. "So many people added their time and talents and support, and the miracle took place. The entire center has grown this way, through what I call "Divine Intervention."

(Demonstration of the window features in video.)

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