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Media Space Ready!

The unfinished attic of the George Henry White Center has been newly renovated to create a space for media production. This is, once again, the result of some collaboration and contributions from a wide range of supporters.

"The construction was made possible through a grant from Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation," explained BESDF president Milton Campbell. "They gave us a two year grant for repairs and improvements. Last year, we used that to repair the roof, take down a collapsing chimney, change the windows to energy efficient ones, and paint the exterior. This year, we put in insulation, put flooring throughout the attic, created storage bins and spaces under the eaves, and added industrial carpet."

"Don Reaves, licensed electrician and instructor of the electrical training at the center, did the rewiring, adding new outlets, lights and switches," Ocie Jones, superintendent pointed out. "The carpenter, Mr. Geracio Maldonado, built out knee walls and storage spaces, and installed the safety rails on the stairs."

Media production equipment was donated by a number of media production companies. CBS News' Ted Spiegler donated six professional studio curtains and backdrops. Dave Lillig gave tripods, mobile boom stands, microphones. Chris Albert of StudioWerks donated lights and a makeup mirror. John Murphy donated a video camera, lens, batteries, adapters and microphone mount. Another camera was donated by Johns Hopkins University. Heming Nelson, of 4Site Interactive Studios, donated lights, softbox units, slider, and rolling cases.

"As more and more of our working, learning and commerce takes place online," said Kate Tsubata, Communications Coordinator for the center, "it becomes vital to know the tools and the skills of media production. Now, the George Henry White Center can facilitate media production for the people of Bladen and Columbus Counties."

The backdrops and curtains from CBS are now mounted thanks to a double rail system creating several visual possibilities for interviews or other purposes. With the combination of various curtains and backdrops, the studio is able to provide professional looking backgrounds for a number of production uses.

"We want to thank all those who donated and who volunteered, as well as those who gave funds. The hard work and giving has allowed us to create usable space to support the development of our neighbors in Bladen and Columbus counties," said Vincent Spaulding, the Project Leader.

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