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Tax Break info for landowners

On Tuesday, July 18, more than 35 people gathered to learn about tax opportunities and the application process for property owners, at the recent “Landowners Lunch and Learn” program. Ms. Renee Davis, Bladen County Tax Supervisor, and Sarah Russ, Assistant Tax Appraiser for Bladen County were the main presenters.

The Present Use Value (PUV) program covers land used for agricultural crops and enterprises (10 acres), horticulture (5 acres), and forestry (20 acres.)

Ms. Russ discussed the pros and cons of the program, which includes confirmation every 8 years that the land continues to be used for the purpose previously indicated.

She discussed how to fill out the application, and covered issues such as the sale of the property, transfer of the land, inheritance of the land and repayment of the funds should the usage change from the PUV program.

A delicious lunch was prepared by Mr. Nate Stacker, Operator, Farmers Union Store in nearby Farmers Union.

The Landowner Lunch and Learn program has been made possible through a grant from The Creating New Economies Fund through the Conservation Fund and the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation.

Participants include residents of Bladen County and those who own land but reside elsewhere. The series has involved remote and virtual participation from persons from Greensboro, Michigan, New York and Georgia. The project is coordinated by Wanda Campbell Clay and Carol Caldwell. Support for the application and documentation process is also provided through the staff of the George Henry White Memorial Health and Education Center including Ms. Hilda Coleman, Ms. Brenda Kelly, and Mr. Ocie Jones.

For more information on the contents and opportunities of the series, please visit the website,

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