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Safe Steps Upward

For those who are familiar with the George Henry White Center, the access to the second level attic had only a few steep steps. At the suggestion of the center's superintendent, Ocie Jones, who has managed safety issues for large-scale manufacturing companies, a new set of hand rails and safety rails have been constructed by Mr. Gelacio Maldonado.

"In addition to building safeguards for the stairs, Mr. Maldonado also replaced attic flooring, over the sections where insulation was recently installed," said Vincent Spaulding, project leader. "We are also placing safety strips on the treads of the stairs themselves."

These improvements were considered important in order to create safe access to the second story. Dr. Milton Campbell applied for and received the grant from Z. Reynolds Foundation that paid for much of the work done, including the recent replacement of all 32 windows with energy efficient ones, and the insulation of the space between the first and second floors, and replacement of part of the roof and chimney. With these improvements, the building has become an operational venue for programs of health, education and workforce development.

Thanks to Ocie, Vince and Construction Advisor Gerald Collins for making this happen, and to Lowe's for their continuous help and material support. We also thank the Z. Reynolds Foundation for underwriting much of the costs of doing these building repairs.

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