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Off the Shelf!

Scott Underwood of the Creekside Community of Durham has become another visiting angel of the George Henry White Memorial Health and Education Center. Scott, who is a telecommunications specialist with some 40 years experience at Nortel and Ciena, retiring as a Customer Service Director, is already well known in Durham for his volunteer work and community leadership. When he heard of the need for shelving at the GHW Center, he donated some from his own supplies and helped round up additional shelves from two other generous individuals, Mr. Steve Scott and Mr. Doug Neptune.

Despite the long journey to Clarkton, Scott completed the installation of shelves in four different closets throughout the center, equipping those areas to store future equipment and supplies for the projects planned. Vince Spaulding couldn't keep up with his speed and accuracy. "I thought we'd maybe get some up in two places, but he was way ahead of me!"

These shelves have transformed the closets from catch-alls to well-organized and accessible storage space to safely store laptops, AV equipment, or office and kitchen items. He has also promised to take on some other tasks needed in the building, an unexpected bonus for the project. We're proud to call Scott one of the helping heroes of the George Henry White center!

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