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Skilled carpenter, Marvin White, who replaced the back porch of the George Henry White Memorial Health and Education Center, and Forrester Spaulding, who painted the new front porch and replaced much of the old flooring with new subfloor and vinyl plank, were the heroes of the day. Vince Spaulding and Ocie Jones asked the dynamic duo to help mount the donated electronic white board, a heavy and cumbersome piece of equipment. With their "mad skills," they measured, drilled, leveled and anchored the brackets and the white board to the wall of the front meeting room--which is now ready for action! A second board, a bit larger, is mounted on casters and can be used anywhere throughout the center. With these, educational programs will now be feasible, and handouts can be printed off from the instructor's written notes on the board. Thanks to all who made this possible!

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