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Memorable Memorial Weekend

Marking Memorial Day in a special way, Kate and Kazuo Tsubata joined project leader Vince Spaulding and local superintendent Ocie Jones at the George Henry White Memorial Health and Education Center meeting some of the key support team that have been working hard to establish this outstanding grassroots project. Kate, who is a member of the GH White leadership team responsible for public communications/outreach and many other tasks, brought four rolling tables, more than a dozen large photo frames, and two electronic whiteboards that have been donated to the center. Greeting them were the lovely ladies of the community, dubbed "The Home Team," who prepared a feast that was both delicious and nourishing! A meeting took place during their visit to discuss the next steps to get the facility operational, including Office manager/Tech educator Mary Baldwin and Facility support Jeannie Freeman. The Tsubata's presented mementos of Washington D.C. to the hardworking team, including Gracie Troy George, Carolyn Greene, Steller Barden, Mary Baldwin, Jeannie Freeman. One of the electronic whiteboards is mounted on a wheeled stand, allowing it to be used anywhere in the building. The other is mounted directly to the wall of one of the front meeting rooms. The boards allow a presenter to use dry erase markers to cover the board with notes, diagrams, or any drawings. Then, with a touch of a button, the board can scan and print out that content onto letter-sized paper. The day was an unforgettable one for the Tsubata's, who have been helping the project from a far distance since the beginning, and who were deeply moved by what they could see first-hand. They offered to bring an outdoor screening of the award-winning movie they produced, Dancing Joy, to the center, as a special event for the whole community.


The GHW Memorial Health & Education Center makes all of its programs, facilities, and services available without regard to race, color, sex, creed, religion, ancestry, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, marital status, or political affiliation. The building and rest rooms have been modified to make it handicap accessible with approved handrails. The GHW Center is open to the needs of the entire community.

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