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Lowe's joins GH White Center project

A huge new boost was given to the George Henry White Memorial Health and Education Center by none other than the Whiteville Lowe's, the mecca for home improvement and all things buildable!

Knowing that Lowe's is not only a corporate leader, but also, active in supporting communities, Vince Spaulding and Ocie Jones reached out to Zach Haines, manager of the Whiteville store. Zach is widely-known for his commitment to local needs and to his staff, who in turn have shown great dedication to helping the community.  True to form, Zach responded to our request with outstanding generosity, pledging $2,500 in materials for the project, and volunteer labor from the superb employees on his team!

Since Bay Leaf Builders, (of the Bay Leaf Baptist Church in Raleigh, NC) are committed to helping rebuild the sagging front porch of the building, the Lowe's materials and expertise comes at a perfect moment.  We are so grateful to have these "angel partners" both in the nonprofit and the for-profit spheres.  

Remember the old film, Lilies of the Field? A straggling community of impoverished nuns dreams of building a chapel on a broken down foundation,  and one carpenter is talked into helping.  As he struggles alone, bit by bit, members of the community join in, building the dream together.

This is that kind of project. With vision...some materials...some expertise...and support from everyone...great things are realized.  

Zach Haines, Manager of Lowe's, Whiteville, NC met with project leader Vince Spaulding to discuss how Lowe's can help the reconstruction of the building with materials and volunteer labor!

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