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Hard-wired for success: Making GHWC safe and secure

Now, the George Henry White Memorial Health and Education Center is equipped with remotely accessible "smart" security system that will help ensure the safety of the property and those who use it!

From morning till night, Owner Kevin Graham painstakingly installed each of the many cameras, with Vince Spaulding helping to pull wires and support. The system is able to be monitored at any distance through smart technology.

“The security system was donated by Graham Security Services, owned and operated by Mr. Kevin Graham who is a major supporter of the GHW Memorial Health and Education Center. The security system includes 8 video cameras, a 22-inch TV monitor linked to a computer, alarm devices on all 4 exterior doors, and an alarm keypad,” said Vince. "The system alerts police and emergency services automatically, and records everything that goes on."

The donation of top of the line security equipment, and the skill and talent required for installation, protects every person and the entire premises. Outstanding commercial partners like Graham Security Services are helping bring modern functionality and services to the former farmhouse, to serve the people of Bladen and Columbus counties.

Our main need now: the HVAC for the structure. Please add your financial or In-kind support to help us get this up and running in short order!

For info on security, contact Kevin at Graham Security Services, PO Box 299, Wilmington, NC 910-341-7543

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