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GH White's legacy spreading out

George Henry White's life journey began in Rosindale, North Carolina, but took him to the shores of Cape May, New Jersey where he established a haven for Black ownership, the town of Whitesboro.

For 33 years, the Concerned Citizens of Whitesboro have been celebrating the unity, history and future of their community. This year, the story of the George Henry White Memorial Health & Education Center was presented in the venue the late congressman established, by communications volunteer Kate Tsubata and her husband Kazuo.

A slide presentation on the amazing accomplishments in building the Clarkton, NC center was paired with showing the documentary, George Henry White American Phoenix. This was only a small portion of the Whitesboro celebration, which included inspirational speakers, live music and spoken word presentations, displays and vendors, and the ever-present aromas of delicious foods being prepared and sold.

"The Concerned Citizens of Whitesboro gave a big boost to our project when they donated for the removal of the central wall, combining two rooms to create a large assembly room," said Tsubata. "I wanted them to see what they had built, and to see that the traditions they have built on are being carried on in his birthplace as well."

Speakers at the event included Lee Rouson, Superbowl champion, Stephanie Harris, New Jersey Amistad Commission director, and Stedman Graham, author and speaker who has been a strong supporter of both the NJ and NC efforts to honor the congressman.

Ms. Harris shared about the value of infusing the historical narrative into every part of our communities, our education and our lives--and praised Whitesboro's deliberate efforts to preserve its culture and pass it on.

"It was inspiring to see that Congressman White's call to rise like the phoenix is still inspiring so many lives," said Tsubata. "It was an honor to see that legacy in action."

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Ella Telfaire
Sep 11, 2021

Hi, My name is Ella White Telfaire; a decendant of George Henry White and I will be donating to help keep our history alive. You should hear from me no later than mid September. Thank you all at the Phoenix Society with our representatives: Betty White Washington, Roger White and Joyce Green Benjamin. Be Blessed.

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