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Fine Food and Fitness gets Grant!

A new grant from International Paper will allow the George Henry White Memorial Health and Education Center to provide a life-enhancing nutrition and fitness program to the people

of Bladen and Columbus Counties.

"We are calling it Fine Food and Fitness," said Carol Caldwell, programming coordinator for the Center. "In partnership with the NC Cooperative Extension Service, and with the help of various healthcare professionals in our area, we are launching a series of fun and informative activities to help folks improve their overall health."

The project will include hands-on cooking demonstrations, focused on preparing foods that are flavorful and healthy. "Research tells us that better nutrition can change health outcomes in a major way," Ms. Caldwell said. "We're so excited to work with Cooperative Extension specialists to share delicious ways to prepare meals that support health for the whole family."

Fitness is another key focus. "Using the projector and screen from last year's IP grant, we will be able to show DVDs to lead fitness sessions to advance your current health goals. This will include prenatal and postpartum health, chair-based exercises, stretching, strength training, cardio and dance activities, just to name a few."

"The program will follow the three F's--Fun, Friendly and Free," remarked Ms. Campbell. "We hope this will result in folks creating their own groups to walk, cycle, stretch or build muscle strength--on a regular basis."

"Improving health is one of the founding goals for the George Henry White Center," explained Vince Spaulding, project leader. "Bladen and Columbus counties are 100th and 97th in the state for health, education and economic levels. This area has been underserved for far too long."

"Fine Food and Fitness will allow residents to take control of two of the most life-changing factors affecting their health, and to have fun doing it!" Mr. Spaulding continued. "We are grateful to International Paper for helping us invest in better health for everyone."

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