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Out with the Old...

...and in with the new. The George Henry White Memorial Health and Education Center is undergoing some much-needed facelift, and we're hoping you will help!

As you know the century-old building has been remodeled, section by section, with a number of tremendous re-builds. Not only is there new bathrooms, deck, porch, handicap ramp and roofing, but nearly every part of the structure has seen an upgrade. However, weather and wildlife have taken a toll on some of the exterior. A number of soft or deteriorated boards are now being removed and replaced, and the entire exterior needs to get a new coat of paint. At the same time, the old windows need to be replaced throughout the building--a number of people have already donated for this (thank you!), but we still have a way to go. The good news is that the entire project is able to be done for less than $10,000, thanks to the sweat equity and volunteerism of a number of the workers. So, we're boldly asking--can you contribute something? Big, small, medium--it's all important. Just to give you a cost comparison, since its inception, the center has had more than $85,000 worth of goods, services, electronics, or other necessities provided through non-financial (In-kind) contributions. Since opening, the center has been holding classes in computer skills, historical presentations, health services, and interactions with agencies and civic leaders. Workforce development (computer networking) classes start in May. Also, we have now set everything up to be able to hold seminars with long-distance speakers, for cutting-edge presentations to the people of Bladen and Columbus counties, from anywhere in the world. Your gifts will also be noted in permanent signage, so it's also a great way to remember loved ones. Send a check to BESDF (earmarked GHW center) at Benjamin and Edith Spaulding Descendants Foundation, 5607 Catskill Court, Durham, NC 27713. Or you can donate right now, electronically by clicking the button here.

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