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Retain, Maintain, and Gain

Did you know your land can become part of a Conservation Reserve Program and be making money while safeguarding the land, and the creatures on it?

On Wednesday, May 17th, Columbus County USDA Farm Service Agency will present an educational program outlining the opportunities and benefits for landowners, especially of the historically underserved communities, in conservation and land management practices. This information can help sustain and retain the value, and increase the value of the land, for current use and for future generations.

The presenters will be Alex Sasser and Christy Hayes, both of the Farm Service Agency (USDA) in Columbus County.

The program is part of a series being hosted by the George Henry White Health and Education Center, called the Landowners Lunch and Learn. It will take place from 11 to 1 p.m. and will include a light lunch for those who register by Monday, May 15. Register by calling 910-445-0269 or emailing You can also register here - Unregistered people are welcome to attend, but lunch will only be provided for those on the list.

The Landowners series has been made possible by a grant from the Creating New Economies Fund of the Resourceful Communities and The Conservation Fund. The purpose is to support landowners in underserved communities to retain, maintain and obtain value by learning how to make the best use of their land as good stewards.

Please reach out to friends and neighbors to let them know about this unique series to help families realize the value of family land.

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