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HVAC Mission Accomplished!

The final hurdle to making the George Henry White Memorial Health & Education Center operational--the heating and cooling--has now been surmounted! Pridgen Brothers Contractors--an authorized Trane dealer--has installed both a 5-ton and 3-ton gaspack unit on either side of the center, ensuring optimum climate control for each zone. Using gas for heating and electricity for cooling, and controlled by separate thermostats in the respective zones, the system is flexible for all seasons and circumstances.

Pridgen Brothers joined Trane Technologies in becoming a business partner of the grassroots community center project. With more than 53 years of experience in commercial, residential and industrial HVAC installations, the Whiteville-based Pridgen Brothers installs state-of-the-art equipment with quality workmanship. They meticulously fabricate all ducts and fittings to exact specifications for each venue, and they insulate these for optimum energy efficiency. Since 1967, they have handled hundreds of unique installations, and they have a sterling record within the industry.

Trane market leader, Ann Ferrell, spoke highly about Pridgen Brothers Contractors during the conveyance of the 5-ton gaspack HVAC unit in their Raleigh facility.

Vince Spaulding, project leader, said, "We are grateful to have Pridgen Brothers add their quality and their contribution as a supporter to rebuild this 120-year-old farmhouse into a vibrant community center. Through their public-minded service, Pridgen is a model of outstanding business leadership that lifts and influences many lives for the better."

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