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Hear, Hear!

The importance of hearing was the topic of a health presentation at the George Henry White Memorial Health and Education center on June 21. Dustin Baker and Glenda Uebel, both from HearingLife, shared a powerful set of explanations of the ways that our hearing affects our everyday life and health.

Some 16 attendees enjoyed the slide presentation and speakers, which they said was extremely informative. Most said they were going to get their hearing checked. "It's a part of health I've never really thought of," said one. The presenters were very happy with the audience response, which they felt was much more interactive than expected.

The projector, and sound system and the motorized projection screen provided an excellent visual and audio experience. International Paper gave a grant that enabled the purchase of that equipment, as well as the software licensing for the laptop computers also in use.

The presenters gave each person a goodie bag with various items including a banana which is a great source of potassium--an essential mineral for good hearing!

For more information, contact or visit the website,

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