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Hand-crafted Tribute

Mr. Lester Jacobs, of Lake Waccamaw, NC, has crafted a solid wood podium and presented it to the George Henry White Memorial Health and Education center--a gift that will bless countless people for decades to come.

"This beautiful one-of-a-kind podium is a fitting tribute to both the spirit of the community and the legacy of George Henry White," said Vince Spaulding, project leader in a letter to Mr. Jacobs.

"Using your talents and skills, you have created a centerpiece for many future speakers to add their wisdom and share their knowledge, to uplift and to inspire. Since George Henry White lifted his voice to speak for the black and indigenous Americans, I can think of no more fitting object to represent his courage and his leadership. When visitors come to the site, they will see this beautiful work of your hands; community members will participate in many events at which your podium will be used."

"Thanks to you, the people of the Bladen and Columbus county area—including the St. James community, your home community--can participate in programs, meetings, classes, and service projects. On behalf of all those citizens, we would like to extend our appreciation for the gift of your time and talent, and for creating something of both beauty and utility. Please accept our gratitude, on behalf of the past, present and future generations represented in this project."

It's been an amazing process to see how various individuals have generously and uniquely helped create this center, long needed in the Columbus and Bladen county area. A new website is being prepared to share in more depth the progress being made, and the new doors that this is opening!

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