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Electric and Networking Classes are On!

The first George Henry White Electrical Contractors Classes started on June 3, 2023 at the Center. The instructor is Mr. Elvis Mathews, the licensed electrician that installed and upgraded all the electrical wiring and controls for the renovation of the center.

Present were 8 students, with another three expected to join, for a total of 11 students. The classes will take place Saturdays for 8 hours, enabling the learners to qualify for hiring. After completing a certain number of hours of paid employment, they will be eligible for the final set of classes, after which they can take the Electrical Contractor's exam and gain their license.

Also taking place at the center: the second level of courses in Computer Networking, through Cisco Academy's support with the 20 year instructorship of Retired Army Captain Keith Jacobs. Completion of this course and successful passing of the CNE exam will give the students entry into employment in a wide number of companies.

Both courses can result in well-paid employment in professions that are increasing in demand in the local and national area.

"George Henry White promoted education and self-reliance," said Vince Spaulding, the project leader. "We are proud to work with outstanding educational institutions, such as Bladen Community College and Cisco Academy, with the great teachers like Elvis Matthews and Keith Jacobs, to help people in our area gain great skills in important careers."

For information on enrolling in any of the GHW center classes, consult the website: To register at Bladen Community College for the Electrical training (until June 10) go to

GHW Center Superintendent Ocie Jones concluded with a word of encouragement. "God Speed for these folks as they pursue their objective."

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