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Bringing the Power!

Driving 60 miles from his base in Warsaw, North Carolina, Mr. Elvis Matthews has been systematically installing new, state-of-the-art electrical infrastructure into the 120-year old former farmhouse at 731 Farmers Union Road, Clarkton, NC. With his electrical expertise, he has equipped the center to be a fully-functional facility, with both safe and sufficient energy supplies for a wide number of projects. We are pleased and proud to report that the inspection was successfully passed, and the center was linked to the county power grid, and each system was then switched on, to ensure that everything is powered and operating correctly.

Beginning in August of 2020, Elvis began removing the old materials and installing brand new wiring and outlets and junction boxes. He installed 220-volt capability, in order to handle increased usage. He has ensured that the correct equipment and outlets are used, to prevent accidents. He installed a new meter, and arranged to hook up to the county electrical grid. He also ran power to the pump for the water system.

He made provision for the WiFi and the new security systems, working closely with Kevin Graham, owner of Graham Security Services, who donated and installed the sophisticated cameras and remote-accessible monitors.

Elvis's wife, Carol Matthews, accompanied him at times, and his son, Elvis O. Matthews, helped with the project. Thanks to their efforts, there will be plenty of power to support the many programs planned to serve the people of Bladen and Columbus counties.

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