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Board meets at GHW Center

On Saturday, March 26, 2022, The Board of the Benjamin and Edith Spaulding Descendants Foundation (BESDF) held their quarterly meeting at the George Henry White Memorial Health and Education Center, which is a project of BESDF. Board President, Milton Campbell, was presiding.

Along with the 17 people who attended in person, a number of people were able to attend by video or by phone, facilitated by Jessica Pierce. Also, the center's computers, large screen television, sound system and projection screen were used to allow remote participation by a number of others, either by phone or by video.

"As a project of BESDF, we are proud to welcome the Board to use the facility to conduct this meeting," remarked Vincent Spaulding, GHW Center project leader. "With the electronic tools we have available, we can now have long-distance seminars and bring top quality expertise to support the people of Bladen and Columbus Counties."

New photos were on display throughout the hallway to show the many stages of the project, and all the volunteers who selflessly gave of their time and talent to restore the century-old farmhouse to become a modern and functioning educational center. Thanks to Ocie Jones, GHW Center local superintendent, for preparing the building, grounds and electronic equipment to carry on this first-ever meeting of the Board in this venue--a truly historic occasion.

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