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Benefactress Visits

Despite the snowy days and chilly winds, Sophia B. Pierce and her brother, Sidney, paid a visit to the George Henry White Memorial Health and Education Center, accompanied by Vince Spaulding.

Sophia funded one of the biggest elements of the project--the new cabinets and appliances for the kitchen remodel--but had not seen the results of the combined contributions and hard work of so many. Her last visit was in 2017, when the property was without running water, working bathrooms, heating and cooling, and the equipment for the presentations and events.

"At a time when few people could envision how this center could become a thriving place to serve the people of Bladen and Columbus counties, Sophia did. She gave at a time when it was hard to imagine how this huge project could become real," explained Vince Spaulding.

Sophia and Sidney "enjoyed every minute" of the visit, examining each part of the now-functioning center. Currently residing in Fayetteville, NC, Sophia is a proud member of the Benjamin and Edith Spaulding Descendants Foundation. BESDF developed the GHW Center to create a lasting memorial of Congressman George H. White that will serve as a center of education and health support for the rural counties of his birthplace.

Thanks to such inspiring individuals and organizations, that century-old farmhouse has risen "phoenix-like" to a new existence, bringing life and help to many people.

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