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Eye-opening Exhibit on Black Inventors

Come to the George Henry White Center over the next few weeks, and prepare to discover a new perspective on Black History!

Programming coordinator Carol Caldwell has created an impressive exhibit of African American inventors, "Some you know, and many you don't know," which will be on display until March 9, 2023.

"I got tired of seeing the same people talked about for Black History month," she explained, "so I decided to do my own exploration into black inventors. It just kept getting more interesting."

"In this exhibit, we have examples of the invention, and materials about the inventor. You can find the inventors behind everything from the potato chip to the remote control, from an IBM computer to a security monitor, from the Ironing board to the typewriter to windshield wipers."

Two of the featured inventors have a unique connection to the center. Vincent Spaulding, who is the Project Leader and a retired architect, holds patents on both a bicycle wheel spoke adjuster and on a special pen light. Another inventor, Rev. John Thurman, came from nearby Hallsboro; he holds the 1938 patent on the first turn signal indicator for the automobile. Although his patent was breached by others, a common occurrence for minority inventors, his estate still holds the patent.

"We've all heard of George Washington Carver," said Ms. Caldwell, "but it's time to recognize the many, many other black innovators whose products improved life for all of us. This exhibit is educational for everyone; you'll love it," she promised.

The exhibit can be viewed by visitors during the hours of 9 to 4, Monday through Thursdays, and 9 to 1 on Fridays and Sunday, Feb. 26 from 2 to 6 p.m. at the GHW Center, 731 Farmers Union Road (check the website for exact directions:

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