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Cool Miracle

We are overjoyed to announce that two outstanding businesses have decided to partner with the George Henry White Memorial Health and Education Center to equip it with HVAC to create a safe and comfortable community center. First, a donation by Trane Technologies, through the introduction of Gayronza Thorne, of two independent gas pack units (one 3-ton and one 5-ton unit), was offered. Then, the authorized Trane dealer, Pridgen Brothers Contractors of Whiteville, NC, came on as the installation partner.

Phase 1 of the HVAC project began on Thursday, April 29 when Ocie Jones, Nate Stacker and Vince Spaulding, met Ann Ferrell, Angela Hackney and Steve Forte of Trane Technologies to pick up the 5-ton gas pack unit. Nate's truck and trailer were used to transport the unit to the Clarkton, NC location. The other 3-ton gas pack unit has been sent to Pridgen's location, and will be set up at the center by them directly.

"Trane is proud to be part of preserving the legacy of Congressman George Henry White through this HVAC system donation to the George Henry White Memorial Health & Education Center," said Ann Ferrell, Market Leader at Trane Technologies. "In addition, we are thrilled to know we can provide comfort for those who visit the center – whether to learn important history lessons or attend health and education classes."

Pridgen Brothers Contractors has also become a community business partner of the GH White Center, contributing hugely to the project. If not for their support, the final step in the center's construction would have remained unfinished. Thanks to their generosity, and that of Trane Technologies, many new programs and services will be brought to the people of Bladen and Columbus counties.

With the help of these two outstanding HVAC industry leaders, we hope to build ongoing relationships for education, training, workforce development and technological skill-building. The George Henry White Center will enable new opportunities for the hardworking citizens of the two counties--and our business partners are adding their expertise and leadership to make that happen.

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